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Jillianne Samiano
Inclusive Photography


Necklace_Spread_Pearls_Funky Feminist.jpeg
Necklace_Spread_Pearls_Funky Feminist.jpeg

Welcome To My Portfolio

My passion for photography and editing has allowed me to work on a variety of projects that celebrate diversity. From event photography for the Agile program to  directing photoshoots for Beads 4 our Bodies, I use the power of imagery to amplify the narratives of our beloved communities. 

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B4OB Academy is a photo shoot that celebrates diversity and empowering individuals of all genders, backgrounds, and sexualities.

My Projects

Necklace_Spread_Pearls_Funky Feminist.jpeg

Product Photography

The jewelry I've designed in photoshoots that are either directed or shot by me.


Latines Unides Kick-off Event

Latines Unides is a student organization at Agnes Scott College where they aim to educate the community about issues pertinent to the Latinx community.


Agile Symposium

The AGILE program  focuses on providing underrepresented and historically disadvantaged students with the opportunity to engage in global education experiences.

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